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IP65 static Vandal proof Stainless Steel Industrial Trackball Mouse with IP65 static rated mechanical trackball module with 400 DPI resolutions with all black 38.0 мм hardened resin ball included, trackball module protected by stainless steel housing, and 3 IP65 dynamic sealed and ruggedized metal mouse buttons above the trackball. High quality durable and scratch-proof black titanium electroplated on the top stainless steel plate with threaded bolts for top panel mounting solution.                                                                                                          

107.0 мм x 120.0 мм (top panel)

  • Emulates most popular mice - uses existing mouse driver and mouse software Interfaces for most workstations and computers.
  • All metal mechanicals provide for rugged, smooth, long lasting operation.
  • Available 50.0 мм, 40mm, 38mm, 25mm, 22mm, 19mm and 16mm Diameter Stainless steel or Hard Phenolic Resin Ball for smooth, durable operation and precise cursor positioning.
  • Rate Sensitive Dynamic Resolution provides for accelerated movement of the cursor when the ball is moved fast, while retaining one-pixel positioning accuracy when the ball is moved slowly.
  • Teflon Ball Shields are available for dirt and water protection in harsh environments.
  • Key - 3 raised metal buttons
  • Front Plate - Quality brushed stainless steel with black titanium electroplated.
  • Key Travel - 2.0 мм
  • Ball diameter - 38.1mm/1.50" (19mm, 25mm, 36mm 40mm also available)
  • Key switch lifespan - more than 10 Mio actuations
  • Track ball lifespan - > 10 Mio revolutions
  • Back Metal Cover - Rear side integrated electronics protected by a metal cover
  • Actuation Force - 1.0N to 3.0N
  • Dimensions with 38mm track ball, Front plate (W x H): 107.0 мм x 120.0 мм
  • PS2, USB are available, Y type cable with ports of PS2 and USB
  • Power supply - 5V DC+ 10%
  • Protection level - IP65 (передняя панель), NEMA3
  • EMC Standard - EN55022(B)
  • Потребляемая мощность - ≤1.00W(dynamic)
                               - ≤0.2W(static)
  • Contact Material - Metal Switch
  • Рабочая температура - -20ºC~+ 60º C
  • Температура хранения - - 30ºC~+ 70ºC
  • Operating RH - 30…90%
  • Атмосферное давление - 60~106Kpa.
  • Certificates - RoHS compliant, CE and FCC certified. ESD
  • Среднее время безотказной работы >50000 час
  • Среднее время ремонта < 30 мин
  • Операционные системы: Все варианты Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS9 / OSX
Packing Details
  • Each unit to a suitable brown box, suitable brown boxes to a standard export carton.
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